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    SBT and Vortexbox Appliance Question


    I am currently using a QNAP NAS with SBS installed for all my FLAC files.

    I have ordered a vortexbox Appliance.

    How do I re-point the Touch to look at the Vortexbox instead of my QNAP NAS?


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    It willl most likely work as any other server .

    You will find it under my music switch library , you can have several servers running at the same time .

    If everything is on the same network and firewalls are ok at the servers the servers broadcasts and players finds them automatically.

    So you don't have to decommission the QNAP while doing the transition .

    You can switch back and forth , that can in itself be somewhat confusing when settings are not the same .

    There is a more involved way to choose servers if the automatic discovery does not work.

    settings>advanced>networking>remote libraries ,and here you specify an ip.

    But it is usually not needed unless you have a complicated network or are connecting remotely or nat between different networks or routers.

    I had to do that when my firewall settings for port 3483 was broken in my server untill I solved my firewall problem.
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    Many Thanks.

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