Thanks to you and chill for your help with this.

- Ken

On 11/17/11 11:41 PM, Mnyb wrote:
> kjg;671028 Wrote:
>> On 11/17/11 10:42 PM, Mnyb wrote:
>>> And you are browsing it by going *artist* or *album* menu NOT via

>> "music
>>> folder" :-/
>>> Then it looks like yet another bug .

>> I'm using the Artist / Album route, not Music Folder. If I navigate
>> using the Music Folder, I can see the flac and cue files, but they're
>> not links and I can't click on them. I do get the "add to favorites"
>> icon, and can add the cue file to the Favorites list. Under that I'm
>> able to click the link, but I end up with this error:
>> There was an error loading the remote feed for : (Cannot request
>> non-HTTP URL
>> file:///Volumes/Data%202/Music/Music%20For%20Server/FLAC/Alison%20Krauss%20+%20Union%20Station/Alison%20Krauss%20+%20Union%20Station%20Live%20(Di sc%201%20of%202)/Alison%20Krauss%20And%20Union%20Station%20-%20Live%20(Disc%201%20of%202).cue)
>> I should pass all this info along to Logitech as a bug. All this seems
>> somewhat worse than the bug you posted.
>> - Ken

> yes this is worse file bug.