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    Remote Access from SB3 via dyndns

    I have a remote SB3 which accesses my LMS over the net. Currently this uses the IP address of my home router. This works OK although as the home router doesn't have a static IP every so often I have to change the IP address that the remote SB3 logs into.

    So I mapped my home server to a dyndns domain. I can now remotely login to port 9000 via this dyndns domain. However, I don't seem to be able to set the remote SB3 up to use the dyndns domain as it only seems to accept IP addresses.

    Is this how it works, and if so is there anyway to use the dyndns from the SB3?

    Hope that makes sense? Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    There is a bug request for this feature. But it's way down on the list. I don't think this will ever be added especially to the sb3.

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    You can try 2 things:

    1. Change your connection type (in your modem) to "Always On" rather that "As Needed" or "On Demand" to minimize IP reassignment. Some modems also allow you to change the connection to "no timeout."

    2. Google "dynamic ip notifier." There are a lot of <free> programs that will run on your home system and that will email you the new address when your IP changes. This is what the dyndns client does except it tells dyndns.


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