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    The perfect Squeezebox remote?

    We just got a SonyEricsson Xperia Mini Pro generation II Android phone. Running the official Logitech android app it is just the perfect remote control. I've got two Duet controllers to compare with.

    The Mini Pro is small enough to carry with you at all times, and it has an excellent keyboard for search etc. The only disadvantage is the screen orientation of the official Logitech android app seems to be portrait exclusively. Would be nice if it went into landscape automatically when opening the keyboard on the Xperia Mini Pro.

    The previous generation called X10 Mini Pro is on sale everywhere. Quite cheap, and ought to be just as useful, although the screen is plastic. Could be worth the money just as a remote, even if you don't need it as a phone.

    I'm also hoping the new i'M Watch, which is a Bluetooth and Wifi compatible (at least according to the write ups on various blogs) digital watch running Android 1.6 will be able to run Squeeze Commander on its 240x240 1.54 inch screen. Won't even need a phone to control your Squeezebox anymore. Of course searching will be rather stifling on that device.

    Now why did I get those two Squeezebox Duet remotes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadgety1 View Post
    The previous generation called X10 Mini Pro is on sale everywhere. Quite cheap, and ought to be just as useful,
    NO! Don't recommend the old one for that!

    You can use it with SqueezeCommander, and it's usable yet slow. But for use with the official Logitech App it's not feasible.
    I've got one and with the Logitech App it just doesn't work, the old platform is too slow and some things (e.g. loading of any artwork) just don't work at all.
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    Harmony One

    Logitech at its best in my opinion although I imagine most of their Harmony line are good.

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