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    Squeezebox 3 and Squeezebox 2 available free, just pay shipping (in the UK)

    I've slowly moved away from Squeezecenter and have these two old units going spare. Both work absolutelty fine but they are just taking up space.

    Happy to give away free if you don't mind paying shipping. I'm in the UK but happy to ship anywhere, we can arrange payment via PayPal. Or if you can come to Edinburgh you can pick them up for free! Keep in mind these have UK mains AC adapters, but replacements for any country will be easy enough to find

    Sound cables not included - but again easy enough to find.

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    Still available?


    I am interested in one of these free Squeezeboxes.
    If they are still available can you please provide me with details on shipping to the Netherlands.


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    Thumbs up A most generous offer

    A PM you have.
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    What are you moving towards?

    Some discussion of late as to the future of Squeeze prompts me to ask.
    Still a streaming solution? Sonos?

    Please share if you don't mind...

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    Very interested but frustratingly I'm unable to PM you. Happy to pay postage and make donation to a charity of your choice. Please contact me if these are still available.



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