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Lots of excellent suggestions guys, thank you again for all the help.

Re: Tags, I'm getting the hint on tags being correct but help me understand something. Y'all have indicated the importance of the tags being "correct." It seems quite elementary to me. I mean it sounds like it would be rather strange for them not to be correct. When I download flac files, don't they already have tags embedded and if so, why would they be wrong?

I guess what I'm saying is I don't quite comprehend the concept of the "incorrect tag." So could you perhaps give me an example or two of how tags could be in the wrong?

When I use mp3tag a lot of the fields are blank and if I want to I can edit the name of the album, etc. But what I'm saying is I've never come across a tag that was just so blatantly wrong that it was obvious. So I'm assuming there's something I'm missing as to the correctness of tags. So yeah I'd appreciate an example of what to watch out for in regard to tagging correctly.

Just a few quick ones.

1. Say you have a lot of Greatful Dead albums. Some artist fields have "The Grateful Dead" and some have "Grateful Dead". So when you look for artists you have two different listings of the Grateful Dead.

2. You have the artist Doug Sahm. Some artist tags are listed as "Sahm, Doug" and some are "Doug Sahm". When scrolling you find some of the albums under the Ds and some under the Ss.

3. There are tags called artistsortorder or albumsortorder. So what if the Artist tag is John Hiatt, but he artistsortorder tag is Hiatt, John. You keep looking in the J's for John Hiatt, not understanding why he is showing up in the H's.

4. Don't even get me started on COMPILATIONS. Depending on the tags (do you have COMPILATION = 1 or no, do you have an ALBUM ARTIST tag in addition to ARTIST tag, etc.) you may end up with a compilation album showing up 25 different times with 25 different artists, or only once as a compilation.

There are many other examples in different ways that the tags can do odd things. Just search for the user name "Mr. Sinatra" on these forums and you can read for days about the subtle things that minor differences in tagging can do...