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    Need to rescan everytime I start the SBS

    Hello all,

    I have just bought and installed a SB Touch. The Squeezebox server is installed on my laptop (Windows XP), and my music (flac files) is stored on a WD My Book World NAS mapped as Y:\ drive on my computer. Computer, NAS and SB Touch are communicating via Wifi.

    My problem is as follows: every time I switch on my PC, and start the Squeezebox server, the server does not recognize my music library any longer and I need to rescan it performing the following steps: (i) change the path of my music file to any odd path, (ii) reset it to the original one, and (iii) rescan the files. The problem only happens after I have switched on my computer, e.g. if I just stop the SBS and restart it the music library is found without any issue by the SBS.

    Has anyone encountered the same type of issue? Could this be linked to my NAS and the way Windows recognizes it?

    Thanks for your help, I could not find similar issues in the forum.

    Cheers, Olivier

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    Welcome to the forums. I suspect that your laptop is starting SBS before it does the logical mounting of the NAS as the Y: drive. SBS looks for library at the place you said it was (Y:\whatever), finds nothing there, concludes that the library is empty, and updates its database accordingly.

    So you need to get the Y: drive in place (according to Windows) before SBS starts. One thing I would try is using the UNC address for the NAS instead of the mapped drive letter. The UNC address is \\server\sharename, where "server" is the IP address or Windows network name of the the NAS, and "sharename" is the name of the share on your NAS that has your music library. Depending on your folder structure, you may want to be more specific and use \\server\sharename\path-to-library.

    If that doesn't work, you need to get Windows to change the order in which it does things at boot time. Even though I use Windows almost all the time, I don't know how you do this particular thing (although I know how to do it on Linux in about 2 simple steps, which doesn't help you much).

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    this is the right explanation, it solved my problem. Many thanks for your quick and helpful reply!


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    Glad to hear you got it working. Did using the UNC address take care of it, or did you need to do something to change the startup order in Windows?

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    Fortunately I could use the UNC address...

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