I've bought a cheap (<ú70) 7 inch tablet running Android 2.2.

In general, I've found it to be a nice little toy and I can surf, check my e-mails, install apps, and that sort of thing without any problems.

What I can't seem to do, however, is to install any of the Squeezebox controller apps which is really the reason why I bought it.

On the Google Market, I can find the apps but I'm told that "This app is incompatible with your Unknown Generic". I guess that this is the price I pay for buying an unbranded tablet.

Why does the app show up as being incompatible? Is there any voodoo that I can do to download Squeeze Commander, Logitech or any other controller?

I've also tried on SlideMe which shows no compatibility issues for Squeeze Commander but, having never done this before, I don't want to pay for something which might not work.

Any suggestions, anyone, please?

Thanks, Ian.