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    Add albums to favorites?

    Is there any add-on or something that allows me to add albums to my favorites and not just internet radio?

    I am running squeezebox server on WHS.

    Thanks, Tom.

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    No plugin necessary -- it's a standard built-in feature. How are you trying to add the album to your favorites?

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    On your Boom go to My Music > Albums > hover over which Album you want added to Favorites, press & hold the large knob, "Save to Favorites" should be offered.

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    Removing favorities as well

    Thanks guys, I can't seem to get consistent behaviour. With the album chosen I press the large button and it moved to the first track, rather than save to favorites. That said I have got the later to come up once.

    Update: I managed to get them tro add via the play button on the remotye was selected. My favorities now has some songs rather than albums I want to remove. But when I select/press the remove form favourities option it goes to cancel. Going through the manual I can't find a mention of remove favourities. Any tips?
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