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    why does My Music disappear!


    New to Squeezeboxes, so first let me explain my setup:

    Windows XP machine running latest version of squeezebox server, this pc contains all of my music and is connected to my wireless router via a Homeplug (so a wired connection)

    I have a Squeezebox Boom, Squeezebox & Squeezebox Radio.

    I also have an iphone with the official Squeezebox controller app.

    My problem is that whenever i use the squeezebox app, it doesnt find any of the Squeezeboxes unless they are turned on, and then when it does find them it says it is "sending squeezebox to mysqueezeboz.com" - but when it does this "My Music" disappears and i am only left with Internet Radio.

    This is the same on all 3 squeezeboxes.

    If i then go to one of the Squeezeboxes and re-connect it to my music server, it all works fine and the iphone app can see it.....until i turn it off. Next time i try and find the Squeezebox via the app, it cannot see the Squeezebox until i manually turn it on.

    Dont really understand what is going on!! What is the point of sending a squeezebox to mysqueezebox.com if this means it can no longer see your personal music library? seems a bit pointless to me.

    The whole setup is 90% there, but this weird issue with the iphone app and connecting to mysqueezebox.com is bizarre.

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    Isn't there some place in the app where you can point the app to your local SBS? If the app is connected to MySqueezebox.com it figures that it will want to switch your players to MySqueezebox.com too.

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