Hi all,

I'd like to be able to use alternative remote controls, via LIRC on my server, to control my SB Touch. (The remotes in question are mostly RC5, so simply changing the existing mappings is not an option.) I had planned to use the CLI and the '<player> button <button>' or '<player> ir <code> <time>' commands to emulate button presses on the Touch. I have a few (hopefully simple) questions:

1) Where is the conversion from IR code to button-press made for a '<player> ir <code> <time>' command? I'm assuming (from the output of 'listen') that it happens server-side, and therefore relies on the mappings in Slim_Devices_Remote.ir on the server rather than /usr/share/jive/jive/irMap_default.lua on the client? I'm further assuming that this is not the same way in which the majority of IR events are actually handled by the Touch, because pressing most buttons in most contexts does not result in any server activity?

2) Currently there are two clear differences between the behaviour of the Touch when the remote is used and when it receives a command from the server. One is that the button actions are subtly different (pressing 'favorites' on the remote will select the first favourite in the list, sending '<player> button favorites' selects the most recently chosen); but the more important one is that the display does not update. Is there any way to convince the Touch to respond _exactly_ as though an IR command had been received directly?

I am beginning to suspect that this is going to involve some client-side coding, hence posting in the SqueezeOS forum. I am an experienced programmer in a variety of languages, but new to SqueezeOS and Lua. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. :-)