I am having some difficulties when trying to keep the 2 in sync when playing. That applies for local MP3 and Internet radio stations.

On start, they are in sync. I was even able to keep them in sync for a full song. But was never able to do that again.
Over time, the SoftSqueeze/SqueezeSlave is allways a little behind the Squeezebox Classic.
The situation is even worse when playing from some Internet radio stations.

As mentioned, I have tried SoftSqueeze and SqueezeSlave - can not find SqueezePlay for Server 7.6.1.

I'm using the following versions and settings:
Java 1.6.27
SoftSqueeze 3.9b2
SqueezeSlave 1.1.253
Squeezebox server 7.6.1 on Windows 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition.

The setting Player -> Maintain Synchronization is enabled.
On the server, the performance option of more RAM enabled

Within SoftSqueeze, the java MP3 plugin is installed and the audio buffer size is increased from 128000 (default) to 256000.

I have my SqueezeServer monitored permanently.
Memory utilization is max 55%. CPU utliziation is max 5%
Network stream with 2 players is max 1 Mbps on a gigabit network connection.
The computer and SqueezeBox Classic both have a wired network connection.

The computer with SoftSqueeze is a dual core 7750 running 3,2 Ghz with 8 gig of RAM and Win7 Pro (64 bit). The java MP3 plugin is installed. Audio buffer size is increased from 128000 (default) to 256000.

I tried different settings without succes:
1.: SqueezeBox server -> Advanced -> Network -> Synchronized Players Startup Delay (ms)
2.: Player -> Synchronize -> Minimum Synchronization Adjustment (ms) and Network Packet Latency (ms)

Any other suggestions to improve the syncing? At least when playing local MP3 files?

Where can I find SqueezePlay for this server version?