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    Question Help about network Receiver configuration

    I've just receive my new Squeezebox receiver.
    I plan to associate with my Android phone (Nexus S), but since this afternoon i
    I don't have a Squeezebox Conroller so i use net udap with my computer to configure the receiver.

    My network look like that :

    My router :
    SSID : WiFi
    WEP : 1234567890
    CHANNEL : 7
    @ :

    My computer :
    Wireless connected to my router
    @ :

    Squeezbox Receiver :
    Wired connected to my computer
    No ip address

    I've installed on my computer SqueezeBox Server so my squeezebox server addresse should be ?
    I've a lot of question about the functioning of the receiver.

    What I've understand :
    The receiver is conneced to the router throw wifi.
    My computer is also connected to the router, so receiver can access to my computer and the squeezebox server thows my computer. I'm right ?
    To configure receiver i have to be connected to him throw wire (and it's works)
    Then, i don't understand how my phone can manage squeezebox receiver ? My phone have to be connected to my wifi (ssid WiFi) to have access to the receiver throws the router ? Or it's have to be connected to the ad hoc network of the receiver ?

    So, if i do what i've said i've got that :
    bridging: 0
    interface: 0
    lan_ip_mode: 1
    wireless_SSID: WiFi
    wireless_channel: 7
    wireless_keylen: 0
    wireless_mode: 0
    wireless_region_id: 14
    wireless_wep_key_0: 1234567890
    wireless_wep_on: 1
    wireless_wpa_cipher: 1
    wireless_wpa_on: 0
    wireless_wpa_mode: 1

    But i dont understand parameters for lan settings ("lan_gateway","lan_network_address" etc..) ?

    In the first time, my computer is going to be the squeezebox server (nas is the future).
    So if my Lan setting on my computer are :
    @ :
    Mask : /24

    How should I set the different parameters ?
    What are "primary/secondary dns" ? If I set configuraton to DHCP, lan setting (connected to my computer) don't need to have dns ? Right ?

    Thanks and sorry for my english lvl

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    To configure the Receiver with Net-UDAP, you'll need to have it connected with a wire to your router.
    Connecting your PC and Receiver together may work, but chances you'll get into problems are more likely.

    Once Net-UDAP is able to discover your Receiver, you'll have to configure it so that it uses your wireless network.

    It's up to you to decide whether you want the Receiver connected to your LAN wired or wireless, and whether you'll use the DHCP protocol or provide static IP configuration, but to begin with, I'd go for the simple Wireless, 64-bit WEP, DHCP route.

    Basically, you'd just have to change these values from the sample:
    wireless_SSID=WiFi wireless_wep_key_0=1234567890 squeezecenter_address=
    When you're done configuring the Receiver, it'll hopefully connect to your wireless router, get an IP address from it, and will connect to the Squeezebox Server running on your PC.

    Your Android phone will only have to be connected to your wireless network.
    Depending on the controller app you'll use, you may need to specify which IP address the server is using.

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    Ok thanks ! (On va essayer de continuer en anglais xD )
    When I init to factory default my receiver an wifi ad-hoc network appears (logitech-squeezebox-000422xxxx)
    What is it ?

    If i follow your advise :
    1) Connect my computer and receiver to my router (wired) (I don't have to specify a specific ip address to my lan connection ? My computer will have automaticly a IP address because of dhcp server running on my box, that's all ?)
    2) Shutdown my wireless connection on computer
    3) Start Net-UDAP and configure with your exemple value
    4) Reset the receiver, disconect my computer and receiver to router (wire)
    5) Start wireless connection on my computer, start Squeezebox server
    6) And normaly, receiver should be connected to my router in wireless (with dhcp address) and can have access to my computer ?
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    Yes, except your computer being wired or wireless is not relevant, it doesn't matter. Only the SB Receiver must be wired to router for initial setup.

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