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    Angry Forced to update?

    Hi All,

    I've been avoiding updating to 7.6 until many of the complaints settle down.
    However, I get home from work today and my touch is displaying a screen about updating itself to 7.6, and I cannot see any option to cancel.

    I don't want to update now, and I resent being forced. Why is it doing this to me?

    My sbs is still version 7.5.5 and my squeezebox radio is unaffected.

    I don't like this squeezebox system if logitech can force my players into updating when they want, not when I want. It's wholly unacceptable.

    Does anyone know why this is happening or know a way to cancel out of the forced updated?



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    Sweep the screen (backward/right?) with a finger. Pressing "back" on the remote might also help, but I'm not sure about the last one.

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    It is probably connected to mysqueezbox.com, maybe because your computer has been powered off or it lost the contact with it.

    Hold left arrow on IR remote a few seconds to cancel the firmware upgrade and then goto My Music/Artists so it connects to your local server.
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    When you have reconected to your local server use the web-UI press the settings link in bottom rigth corner, go to the advanced tab choose "software updates" on the tab, now set sbs to not check for updates
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    thanks for the tips guys, i'm all sorted now.

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