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View Poll Results: What would make you buy another Squeezebox ?

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  • Simplified usage after initial installation/configuration

    9 11.11%
  • Improved support for existing online services

    6 7.41%
  • Support for more online services

    2 2.47%
  • Improved stability and/or less bugs in Squeezebox Server/Player firmware

    42 51.85%
  • Improved stability and/or less bugs in mysqueezebox.com

    7 8.64%
  • Improved browsing of local library

    22 27.16%
  • New Squeezebox hardware with built-in speakers and stereo support

    40 49.38%
  • New Squeezebox hardware which have reliable support for local music without computer

    28 34.57%
  • New Squeezebox hardware with support for video

    5 6.17%
  • New entry level Squeezebox hardware with a lower price

    13 16.05%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Senior Member erland's Avatar
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    What would make you buy another Squeezebox ?

    This poll is a bit similar to the ones I posted about two weeks ago, but this time I'd like to know what changes that would make it most interesting for you to buy another Squeezebox.

    Note, the question is only related to yourself, not your friends or relatives, see below for the separate poll thread about what would make it easier to recommend a Squeezebox to someone else.

    Also note that the question is not about what would improve your current Squeezebox, it's about what would be needed to make it worth for you to invest in more Squeezebox hardware.

    Try to avoid checking all the checkboxes, try to limit yourself to check the top 3 or something similar.

    Also, if you haven't already answered on the related polls, please do so, you will find them here:
    Erland Isaksson (My homepage)
    Developer of many plugins/applets

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    Senior Member gruntwolla's Avatar
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    What would make me buy another squeezebox

    I will eventually probably buy buy a touch and a pair of audio engine 02 speakers. Combined cost will be about ú350 - 400 sterling, hence the " eventually". Something along the lines of a boom with a screen costing less than ú200 would certainly speed up the decision!!
    Touch + my hifi
    Duet + AE2's
    SB3 + AE5's
    2 Booms ( 1 as a spare )
    1 Radio
    Squeezecommander on Samsung Galaxy Ace
    ipeng on wifes ipad
    Logitech app on my sons HTC Desire

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    The main reason for me is not in the list.
    I would like to be able to use easily and flawlessly popular software to play flac and radio streams with Squeezeboxes (especially the Touch), and be able to get rid of SBS and mysqueezebox.com if I want to do it.

    With TinySBS, and an empty USB stick, it is fine for radios streams, but not for flacs.

    I would like Squeezeboxes to be "network sound cards" and use them without installing SBS at all.

    TinySBS may be used, if it allows to do that, but I don't want it to scan or browse the library.

    I want to be able to scan and browse with external softwares if I feel like it.

    I heard about different plugins to use foobar or mediamonkey.
    But I hadn't had time to try yet.
    Is SBS (or TinySBS ot mysqueezebox.com) still necessary ?
    If yes, with one of those plugins, is it possible to get rid of scan and browse from SBS (pointing SBS to an empty folder for example) ?

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    I checked all new hardware boxes.

    Basically I need a sign from Logitech that Squeezebox has a future.
    BR Mogens

    2 Radios (1 battery), 2 Controllers, 2 Receivers, SqueezeCommander, OrangeSqueeze and SqueezePlayer on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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    Actually, if they fix the current problems (which are not affecting me too bad anyway), I'd be happy. There is no reason that the platform needs to become even better to be a good solution for me.

    It would be nice, certainly. But if I buy a fridge, I don't expect it to become a heater with an update, do I? So why would I expect that with my Squeezeboxes. They should work as advertized, that would be enough for me.

    Or what exactly do you mean by "has a future"? Are you afraid that they'll turn of the mysqueezebox.com site? That is be a risk, agreed, that's why I don't want to depend on a third party server system.

    But as I understand it, Sonos also depends on a local server, doesn't it?
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    formerly known as Fletch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muele View Post
    Basically I need a sign from Logitech that Squeezebox has a future.
    I suspect this is a common sentiment.

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    Minnesota USA
    I'd like to see a new device that is a cross between the Transporter and the Touch.

    It would have the shape of a traditional audio device, use wall current without a wall-wart, have a display like the Touch (but perhaps not touch sensitive) and be silent.

    The remote would be like the Touch remote to control things.

    The additional space in the device would support a more powerful processor and a small SSD for the software and the library. The library would be on one (or more) external USB3 drive. The device could either contain a DAC or connect to a DAC. The processor should be capable of rebuilding a library of 20,000 tracks within 15 minutes.

    So, it could be used as a regular part of an audio system. Perhaps the server software would still be used with a computer to build the contents of the external hard drive. This would be how tagging gets corrected etc, so you would know that the library was CLEAN before it was attached to the device.

    So, Logitech already has everything they need to build and sell this.
    They could sell this as a entry item as decribed, or a high end item by adding a second SSD internally for the library. Its wired / wireless network connectivity would be used to refresh software and provide streaming radio access to the Internet.

    If it was had a large touchscreen it could compete with SOOLOOS.

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    Senior Member funkstar's Avatar
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    Some other variations would be nice.
    - A SqueezeOS based Receiver.
    - A larger screen Touch
    - Wireless headphones with a SqueezeOS player embedded in them (I suggested this years ago, stripped down Controller built into a set of round ear headphones).

    [Project Log] Funkstars Digital Lifestyle - HEXUS.Community

    In use: 1x Touch, 1x Boom, 2x SB3, 1x Controller
    In a box: 1x Radio, 1x (Beta) Controller, 1x Receiver, 1x SB2 wired (silver), 1x SB (black), 1x SliMP3 (with rear shield)

    If you have any others, let me know, I'm interested!!

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    An updated <and cheaper> SB3 with enviable audio specs. I'm more interested in response than hi-res audio. No touch screen is required: the SB3/touch remote would be fine.

    A boom that was not designed with clock radio in mind. If anyone has heard small ScanSpeak woofers, you know what I mean. This might require a real transformer rather than a wall-wart. Otherwise the I/O of the boom would be fine. As above SB3/touch remote would be better.

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    Moving to a bigger house so I have more rooms to put them in.
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