- Scandyna The Ball 2.1 integrated amp
- Micropod x 2
- SB3
- (not shown) A "mini IR-blaster" taken from a Logitech Harmony IR Extender System to shoot the amp in its blue eye from afar.

The amp has a single analog input. Volume setting is digital. Controls via the remote, almost no settings on the amp itself. The mini-IR blaster thing (where Logitech really shines ?) works pretty well from a distance of 1 ft. It uses a 2.5 mm jack, you need a converter to hook it to the SB3 3.5mm port.

Power usage when off or idle is not 0W but is really low, I don't remember the figure exactly. I think it sounds really good (surely does for an alarm clock), and is a bit pricey overall.