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Thread: Whs 2011

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    Whs 2011

    If anyone is interested you can pick up the OEM WHS 2011 at Newegg for a super deal!
    Main system - Rock Solid with LMS 7.9.2 Official on WHS 2011 - 2 Duets and Squeeseslave
    Cabin system - Rock solid with LMS 7.9.2 Official on Win10 Pro - 1 RPi 3 Model B/Hifiberry DAC+ Pro/PiCorePlayer and Squeezeslave
    Headphones and car - Android phone/Bluetooth w/full library on MicroSD card - PowerAmp music player app (similar to Material Skin)

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    And CCL for those on this side of the pond:
    LMS Version: 7.9
    TranquilPC T2-WHS-A3 - WHS 2011
    2x Touch, 3x SB3

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    Just did

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    I'm hoping Newegg.ca offers it in Canada soon in the quoted price range.

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    I've had my WHS 2011 gold code server running for a couple of months now and it is really a nice upgrade over the first WHS release. Since there is no dedicated Squeezebox Server for WHS 2011, I am running the standard Windows server code which seems to run fine. I understand that the existing WHS Squeezebox server has not been a popular download. I do hope that as WHS 2011 gains traction, Logitech will consider building dedicated SB Server code for this platform.

    I built a DIY "shoebox" server with a 64bit Atom motherboard using a 500 gb notebook drive for the OS boot drive and another 3 tb Hitachi drive for data storage. I still have room for another 3 tb drive in the box and SATA external connectors for future storage.


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