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> shaped the electrons to say...
> >This would only be possible if the audio-streaming and

> database-browsing parts
> >of slimserver were separated into different programs and a

> secure protocol used
> >to communicate between processes.
> >
> >Personally, I think this would be worth doing and would

> solve some of the
> >problems with dropouts caused by the db scan taking too much cpu.
> >
> >Does anyone on the dev list know how feasible this would be?

> This isn't very feasible right now - it will be much more so once the
> conversion to using a RDBMS as back end storage is complete.

From what I've seen, the SQL development effort is not looking to re-architect
slimserver; rather, it will just look to replace the existing perl hash data
storage with a SQLite backed.

In order to separate these process, potentially onto separate computers, some
effort would need to be put into re-designing the application architecture and
devising a means to communicate securely between the data storage / web
interface component and the audio streaming component.

Mind you, this shouldn't be particularly challenging for slim devices as they've
already written several protocols to control slimp3 and squeezeboxes!