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    Connection reset by local host....

    Here's my problem. I have a wireless router with a wired SB Radio and a wireless SB radio. All works fine, both radios can stream from my server and from the internet.

    In an attmept to extend my wireless NW to the garden to allow me to take the wireless radio outside, I have connected a 2nd wirless router to my system. The 2nd router is connected from an ethernet port on the 1st router and the 2nd router now has the wired SB radio connected and the wireless one.

    So far so good. The wired radio works as before and plays from my server and the internet. However, the wirless one only plays from my server. If I try to stream a radio service from the net it reports "connection reset by local host, followed by the stream URL". If I hardwire the wireless radio to either router it streams OK from the net and it will also stream OK when connected wirelessly to the 1st router.

    So it seems to be a setting in the 2nd router (just the WLAN part). I'm running out of ideas here now as I'm no NW expert. It's a SUMVISION 311 router if that helps....

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    I've had this message when the 'Gateway' field in a router was not set correctly.

    What is probably happening is that the 'garden' SB cannot reach the internet because either:
    (a) the SB hasn't got a valid 'gateway' entry, or
    (b) the 'garden wifi router' hasn't got a valid gateway (it needs one if you have genuinely set it as a router and not a simple 'access point, AP') or
    (c) the main router is not giving a gateway field to the 'garden router' or, if it is on the same network segment, to the 'garden SB' (this is unlikely, actually, because the other SB seems to work ok)

    There are a variety of reasons why the gateway may be missing.

    Simplest solution would be to
    (1) configure the 'garden wifi router' as an 'AP, accesspoint' (this puts the garden SB onto the same segment as the other SB), AND
    (2) configure the 'garden SB' in the same manner as the main SB if they take 'DHCP', or configure it with fixed IP if your other SB is configured as fixed IP (give it a different IP but the same rest of the settings such as gateway, DNS, etc).

    If this has lost you, apologies, and just post back how you have set up the 'garden wifi router' and we'll take it from there.

    regards, Atlantic

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    Hi Atlantic,
    Thanks for your help on this, it is now sorted. You pointed me in the right direction with your comments re gateway ip address.

    It turns out my 2nd router still had DHCP enabled. Disabling this sorted it all out and allowed the SBR to get the correct gateway address from the 1st router.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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