Thanks again, kdf,
Yes, I always told others to open a browser, enter my URL
and open WinAmp & enter my URL into it. They still got no sound
although they could see my Library in their browser.

In any case, my audio finally was heard tonight. Someone across the country
graciously helped by emailing back & forth for blow-by-blow results for each setting
attempt. So it works at least for one person so far.

NOW that someone listened for quite awhile, with reports, I find that he
hears the "Chipmunk bug" also...I'd hoped it was only at my end when I stream
to myself. I believe it's a bug in SlimServer: some songs occasionally play very slowly
or very fast (so singers sound like the Chipmunks). I should post a separate thread
for the Chipmunk bug I suppose...

Thanks again.