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    Quote Originally Posted by wbree View Post
    And? Did you also fixed this?
    I haven't needed to try it yet.

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    70% isopropyl worked, too

    For anyone wandering by....

    I didn't have any 99% on hand, so I tried some 70% isopropyl alcohol and that seems to have fixed the connector problem. Before, I tried everything. I pulled out the board, and flexed the PCB to PCB connection - nothing, I flexed the connector to PCB - nothing. I flexed the power supply cable itself, nothing. A dunk of the connector in Isopropyl a few times and plug-unplug-plug cycling appears to have fixed, however.

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    Well, I used some Deoxit on several booms with power supply issues recently...fixed them all, good as new, so far! Was about AU$30 for a small spray bottle thingy...seems a very reasonable price to play for much more reliable music...

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