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    Thanks Joe for the part info, and to the rest of you who provided helpful comments.

    In my case, the leaf inside the socket that's supposed to contact the outer sleeve and hold it in place seems to have broken. Thus there is no stable contact and there is no friction to hold the plug in place. Indeed Logitech seems to have used a substandard part that just didn't hold up. I have never seen a barrel connector disintegrate like this with just normal use before or since.

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    Well, the spare parts I have here are no different from the ones used by Logitech or Slimdevices. I would not presume they chose a particularly bad part to save a penny or two. There is no supplier that I know of who would offer these parts in a higher quality level. Power connectors are rarely available in high-end quality, and the 5.5mm diameter does not allow for much ruggedness. The main issue is corrosion. The plating becoming loose is either a result of too harsh cleaning procedures or wrong chemicals used for cleaning, or the connector being plugged and unplugged too many times which will also wear out the spring contact and cause it to rupture.
    If the connector is plugged in with violence or the plugged-in connector is bent a lot, the plastic surrounding the jack may give way at some point which will also cause bad contact of course. Once that happened, it is definitely time to replace the part.

    I have five Booms currently and some had corrosion, but over time (some years) there was no deterioration of the contacts. If the Boom just sits there, the contacts will stay intact at least mechanically. They may require cleaning from time to time but if done with appropriate care, it should not cause problems. By the way, corrosion can be prevented or at least be postponed a lot with just a bit of contact spray.

    PN me if your Boom / Classic / Transporter display has issues!

    LMS 7.9.0 on Windows Server 2012
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    7x Squeezebox Classic SB3 (one waiting for repair)
    7x Squeezebox Boom (two waiting for repair)
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    2x Controller (one waiting for repair)
    3x Touch (two waiting for repair)
    1x Radio

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