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    Vortexbox + iPeng + Duet freezes between songs


    For quite a while was just running squeezebox server off a vortexbox and using my iphones as devices with iPeng software.

    I finally added a Duet to my mix (for optical to my receiver) and now every 2-3 songs, when synced, it stops in between songs. If I hit forward on iPeng or on the remote it continues.

    It doesn't matter if it is Pandora or my own music.

    I'm bummed because I'm about to just remove the Duet from the mix, because it worked fine before (sans optical).

    Any suggestions? I'm not even really sure how to troubleshoot the issue. The only clue that I that I've seen is once the remote gave an error that it couldn't find the mp3 file.


    Squeezbox Server Version: 7.5.4 - r32298

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    Are you trying to sync the Duet with VortexBox Player or with the iPeng player? This does not work very well, and is likely the source of your problem. Does the Duet play OK when it is not synced?

    If you want to sync the Duet with a software player, use Squeezeslave instead of VortexBox Player or the iPeng player. See http://info.vortexbox.org/tiki-index...e=Squeezeslave for info on how to use Squeezeslave on VortexBox.

    The problem is not with your Duet, it's with your attempt to sync it with a software player.

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    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for the reply. I am not trying to sync the ipeng player with the vortexbox player.

    Here is my setup.

    Server: VortexBox SqueezeBox Server
    Clients: iPeng IPhone App and SqueezeBox Duet

    I disabled the vortexbox player for good measure.

    Both the Duet and the iPeng iphone app have no issue when running independently. Just together. So maybe it is as you say that there is an issue syncing the IPeng software player with the Duet hardware.

    It's kind of a bummer because the only added benefit of the Duet is the optical out, because the Duet's remote doesn't compare to the iPeng interface (although the Duet remote is nice for guests who just want to turn up/down the volume or skip to the next song).

    I still think there must be a way to trouble shoot. I checked the server logs and they are empty, but I don't see where I can change the log settings (to verbose or something of the like).


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