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    Same problem


    I'm having the same problem. It used to work ok, but now it has no sound. ACtually it did had yesterday two times, but for like 5 seconds, and stopped again. What is strange is that it looks like it's working, track progressing, bright white light, but no sound.

    Can you please check what happens if you pause the song? Here, it resets to the start of it. What also happens is sometimes, after playing some of a track, in the middle of it, it skips to the next one.

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    Any help with this?

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    Just to update everyone interested in the resolution for my audio problem. I ended up calling tech suppport who ended up giving me an RMA to return my defective Duet to be replaced with a SB Touch. They have discontinued the Duet line. I could have also requested a refund. It changes up my audio setup in the house but at least I have something.
    I did notice some Duets still for sale on the internet but I'm sure they'll be depleted soon. I might have to purchase another before that happens.

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