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    sync between players with synology

    Today I installed my DS111 Synology NAS but now there are two things happeningen where I don't have a solution for. The first thing is that I can't select a player with the standard interface. There aren't any in de drop down menu in de top right corner. Alltough there are two players connected. (classic player and my laptop). In the handheld interface the drop down menu is working as it should be. Does any one know what is going wrong and how to fix it.

    Further more I am used to have two players playing in sync. But in this configuration there isn't a option in the dropdown menu to sync between two players. Again does any one have a solution.

    I'm running DSM 3.1.1742 on a DS111. With squeezeserver 7.5.4 - r32171. In combination with squeezebox classic and softsqueeze on the laptop

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    Hmm, have you tried clearing your webbrowsers cache and cookies, it migth contain some garbage from the old server location ?

    have you tried another browser to confirm the problem.

    can you use the players from their own interfaces ?

    The classic/softsqueeze has sync from its own UI settings > synchronize does it work from there ?
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    I also started with a new laptop. The only re-used part is de squeezebox. My old PC died. The strangething is that when i first started with the squeezebox it worked fine. (name appear in the menu). But when i started to connect softsqueeze the drop down menu stoped working.

    I can use the players own interface and all other web interfaces (classic, handheld). Work fine. except for syncing.

    tried using the sync option in the squeezebox but it doesn't react to it. But my laptop is processing al my images to the NAS and building thumbnils and stuf. So it might be that i have some more succes tomorrow when the NAS isn't used that extensive. I let you know when there is progress

    after rebooting the laptop i managed to sync between softsqueeze en the squeezebox from the interface of the squeezebox.

    strange that the drop down menu in the top right corner has such strange behavior
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    have you tried another browser to confirm the problem
    Had this problem with IE8 or 9 - try Firefox and it may work (search the forums for the problem)... Got fixes I think, are you using the lates version of SBS?
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    I'm using the latest available version of sbs for the synolgy NAS. And indeed I'm using ie8 since i haven't installed all the software I want on my laptop yet. But surprise, today in the standard interface the drop down menu started working. But I stil have some strange thing hapening, but I'll post those in a new topic for clarity.

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