Squeezey Peeps!

As I (we) often come here to seak help... I have came to say thank you to Logitech, the Slimdevices dudes, the community, and especially the plugin developers!

I must confess that my SBs fill me with joy. You may think I am exagerating yet I am not. I bought my SB3 after pondering buying a SB2 for many years. This lead me to digitize my collection as FLAC and replace my previous digital streamer (a Via EPIA DIY device with LED and infrared remote).

More recently I wasn't using my SB3 as much as I liked because I had a manual turn on the server set up. Also I kept wishing for access to my colleciton in the lounge.

Solution... old laptop as always on server (energy efficient and convenient) and SB Boom. This was a huge step forward and led to much more SB use in general. I have now added a radio and with 7.6, latest firmware and always on server I can awake to a reliable alarm. A couple of months usage and no glitches. The latest firmware means that I can fall asleep with headphones plugged in and still get an external alarm. Perfect!

So I love each and every SB device. The SB3 is still going strong and is wonderful, the Radio was a real surprise as I love it, and the boom fulfills a nice role. Spotify plugin, MusicIP, iPlayer, iPlayerExtra, Custom Browse (for New Albums that isn't messed up by tag edits), and Spicefly all make the whole system unbelievably good. Oh and the joys of synched wireless players!

I am still in love with my old flame and hope that Logitech builds a bright future for an excellent system. 7.6 is going to be a wonderful release!

Sorry for being so gushing but I just wanted to celebrate the joy of this ecosystem. I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves the system.

Big smiles,