What file format are you using?

With regards to the extra AP - If I run one SB off my existing AP, then run
the second off the new AP, surely that would get around the bandwidth issue?
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>I'm currently running a single SB on my wireless network, and using FLAC
>I've now got to a point where dropous are rare. I'm considering

purchasing a
>second (wireless) SB. My question is this: If the players are synced will
>this double the wireless bandwidth requirements, thus causing loads of
>dropout? Or there a clever multicast protocol in use?

A stream is required for each SB, regardless of synced or not, so data
bandwidth will double with two boxen (assuming all other factors equal).

>Could I get around the problem using an additional 802.11b access point?

Nope, a stream is still required for each SB.
I have two wireless, and with the recent 5.3 am having no problems
streaming to both of them simultaneously (thanks Slim).