By following the instructions, it's pretty easy...

Start up slimserver on your slim machine. That's it for that box. It
is now streaming
to anyone who cares to listen.

Next, open up WinAmp and point it to

Lastly, upen up a browser and point it to the same location without
the /stream.mp3. Use the browser to control just about everything.
Or, use softsqueeze.


>>> knute-m (AT) cox (DOT) net 9/25/2004 7:46:53 AM >>>

I'm a newbie, still struggling with some basic things. Li'l help,
Me, the sender of the stream with Slim - Do I only use the URL ending
in ":9000/stream.mp3"
in my player (WinAmp) in order to allow the stream to go out??

The recipient of my stream - should he only use the URL ending in
in his player (WinAmp or whatever)?? (And never use the "stream.mp3"

Do I, as server, ever "have" to use my browser (Win Int.Explorer) in
order to stream out?

The recipient of my stream: can't he simply hear my stream by merely
opening his player
(winamp, iTunes, etc.) and entering my URL...or must he also open a
browser and enter
"...:9000"? Does the listener actually have the ability to pick &
choose certain songs or playlists
by using a browser??

Please, please forgive my ignorant questions, but we've been straining
for days to try to figure
out how to get this to work. MaximuxPC mag said it's " easy,
anyone can do it!" Right.
(I'd like to ask Mr.Anyone how he did it.