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That is the way it works, I've been using it, try it and see! If it didn't, what would be the point of the new feature "Transcoding is now supported when requesting an HTTP download (/music/[id]/download[.extension])" in 7.6?

You are correct that flc-flc-*-* *should* always be selected when playing a flac file on a capable squeezebox, that's EXACTLY what I do want - and that's the issue, when I add a rule for flc-ogg (to add the ability to http download server transcoded flc-ogg files), the native flc-flc rule is ignored when trying to playback flac files on the squeezebox.

I think we're both expecting it to work in the same way regarding file playback, but maybe I havn't been too clear about my use of http download for on the fly transcoding?
Ah... I see... apologies, I thought you were talking about playing a file via SBS. I'll try this "HTTP download" approach and see what happens.