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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
    i'm probably just being thick here...

    but are you guys saying control panel, and user intervention, is NECESSARY to have SBS server installed as a service?
    I don't know what you mean by "user intervention", but YES. SBS is not installed as a service. It begins by running in user mode.

    You say this isn't working correctly on you parent's computer, correct? That means that on your own machine it does work, so test the installer on that computer and see how it behaves.

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    i realize i should probably understand you but i don't follow. in any case, i'm here again, and so i installed the latest 7.5.5 nightly, and now SBS is listed as a service again and its all working. i should have checked to see if it was listed b4 i went to slim control panel, but i forgot to. and when i opened slim control panel, it seemed to take me applying the "start sbs with system" option twice before it "stuck."

    but the good news is it now is working, and also the SBR, set static with net-udap via droid, is acting rock solid. being able to power on the system by just opening ipeng is great.

    still, even if SBS doesn't, or never did, install SBS as an "enabled" service, i am of the belief that it always was, and should be, listed in the list of services, even if it isn't enabled / automatic. that was my main complaint, that it wasn't in the list of services, and that even after messing around with slim control panel, it still wasn't in the list of services. the new nightly seems to have solved that.

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    having problems with this again... (parent's win7, 64bit)

    the 2 services might not start, or SBS starts before mysql, ergo no library or even ability to listen to net radio.

    even when i then logged in as a user, i couldn't get the service to start via systray, control panel, or the desktop shortcut. the only way i could get SBS to start was going into services and manually clicking the start button. nevermind that both mysql and sbs were already set to automatic. i even tried assigning SBS as a "delayed start" automatic service just to try to make it more robust.

    its exactly these kind of issues, which i believe occur b/c none of the devs live in windows, that pisses me off about SBS. this is basic, fundamental stuff. its not reliable or robust. it SHOULD be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
    its exactly these kind of issues, which i believe occur b/c none of the devs live in windows, that pisses me off about SBS. this is basic, fundamental stuff.
    Being unable to get consistent behaviour from different Windows versions may be something developers don't want to piss about?

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    well, that would be a jolly attitude for them to have. maybe they should put that on the box? it would be a real selling point.

    nevermind its by far the #1 OS and ergo the main group they try to sell to in best buy and beyond.
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    the more things change...

    i mean @$%@#$%, wtf can't this be gotten right? can't ANY of the devs "live" in windows and fix this stuff?

    i was last on 7.5.5 r32431 and waited all this time to upgrade, as i think its smart to do, to let bugs get stamped out. as said above, i finally got that ver to run as service, after much unwarranted effort on my part.

    so today i finally decide to try LMS, (7.7.2 r33761) mainly for its upnp/dlna features. the install seems to go fine, and i removed all the AV prior.

    yet STILL this problem persists! i don't see anything in the services that seems to be LMS related.... whats the service called now?

    i go into LMS control panel, and even though i did not delete or uninstall 7.5.5 program/prefs (i installed over the top of it as we are told is safe to do), ONCE AGAIN server does not know i want it run as a service, or even at login!!!!

    so i pick "run as service" and click apply, yet nothing happens! as above, i thought maybe multiple times would do the trick, but no... and it wouldn't totally shock me if eventually it decides to work, (i hold little hope for that however) but so far it isn't and its just so random and frustrating!

    and once again, as i've mentioned before, it is WRONG to have an apply button that doesn't subdue after clicking it and applying any changes! this is not SOP in the windows world, and it just comes off as unprofessional and amatuer. the main beef is you can't tell in situations like this, if anything happened, ie. there is no acknowledgement from the computer to the user that apply was even pressed.

    when will this madness stop??? FIX THIS so the service is:

    1. installed
    2. responds
    3. control panel subdues "apply" unless changes are not yet applied, and/or after they are!

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