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    LMS 7.7.1 refuses to Automatically run at system start

    Last night LMS upgraded to 7.7.1.
    Running on Windows 7 64-bit.

    Setting the Startup Options to "Automatically run at system start" does not work.
    I tried re-entering the Username and Password.
    I tried re-installing LMS.
    I tried a complete uninstall and re-install of LMS.

    I see no service for LMS any more? It used to be called "Squeezebox Server" before 7.7.0, and then "Logitech Media Server", and now something else? Or it no longer runs as a service?

    EDIT: Never mind. Finally after the sixth time entering Username/Password it worked.
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    I cannot get LM server 7.7.1 to start automatically

    I am having the same issue and entering in my user name and password is not solving the issue. Any ideas?

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    I had this problem. Try leaving username/password blank and it will use the SYSTEM account.

    I guess that doesn't help if you don't want it using the SYSTEM account, but it got it working for me.

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    i am having the same issue i think:


    i don't know where, or why, you'd need a username/pword for a service thats supposed to run with system start.

    i want this setup so that the duet can WOL it even if no one is logged in, thats the whole point! why can't the devs get it together to fix this long standing issue?

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