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    Hearing the differences

    It would appear that in order to pass the rite of passage and be decorated with the "you're now one of us, one of the in-crowd" gold medal on this (and on many other audiophile forums), one need to put on the most cynical, skeptical face and ridicule and deride anyone who claims to be able to hear any differences between any components.

    Still, many people (myself included) can clearly hear the differences in the sound quality when replacing/modifying the system components. My question: if you can hear a difference, does it, according to the First Audiophile Asshole Law, always mean that something about that component is broken?

    I ask this because any time I report that I'm hearing a difference, for example by switching to a different DAC, all the audiophile assholes hasten to jump on my case and explain to me that the DAC in question most be seriously broken. In other words, in their exalted opinion, no two DACs should ever sound different, providing, of course, that they're not somehow broken.

    Same goes for speaker cables, amplifiers, digital transports, speakers, rooms, you name it.

    How can people afford to always act in such an asshole-ish knee-jerk manner all the time?

    Trolling over and out!
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