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    Patch: Reduce brightness when screensaver is active

    The Squeezebox Touch has two brightness settings: manual and automatic. However, I found them both not to be ideal. The manual setting always has the same brightness level whether the Touch is on or off. The automatic doesn't really work if you try to control the player in a dark room, and the minimal brightness level is set to a low level.

    So, I wrote a patch to change the behaviour. It changes the implementation of the manual setting (it doesn't do anything with automatic brightness control). When the screen saver is active, the brightness is reduced to the minimal brightness level. When using the remote or touching the screen, the brightness is restored to manual brightness level. You have the option to only reduce the brightness when playing, stopped, or off. So for example, if your screen saver is "Now playing" when playing, you have the option not to reduce the brightness. When stopped, or switched off, the screen saver starts and the brightness is reduced.

    If you are interested in this feature, I invite you to test this patch. If people like it, and there are no bugs, I hope I can add it to the list of the patch installer plug-in, for easy installation. (How would I do that anyway??)

    Things to note:
    - In the default implementation, the brightness control is changed to automatic/manual when using one of the brightness sliders. This has been removed.
    - The string "(Automatic)" has been removed from the "Minimal brightness (Automatic)", because it has another function too.
    - The string "Manual brightness" is still called that. Maybe there should be a better name for that.
    - The menu "Dim on screensaver" only has an English and Dutch translation. If you have other translations, please provide them.

    To install, you need the Patch Installer applet, and add the following repository: http://vijge.net/static/squeezebox/repo.xml

    Or to apply it manually, download the attached zip file and replace the files in /usr/share/jive/applets/SqueezeboxFab4/.

    Update: The zip file is an old version. The repository XML always contains the newest version. Or see the page at http://server.vijge.net/squeezebox/
    Last edited by 505; 2011-11-30 at 08:59. Reason: Attached zip is no longer the newest verison, link to new version included
    My patch: Reduce brightness when screen saver is active for Touch
    Source code: GitHub for SqueezeCloud, Mixcloud, 22tracks and YouTube (old version)

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