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    Where to place my new duet? (served from Touch)

    I just ordered Duet from Amazon at a one day special for $170 Gold box deal. I went back later in the day to pick up a second for a friend but the deal had ended, but I'm very happy I got one for myself. I currently have in my house a squeeze box touch and boom connected wirelessly. I have a workshop outside with a SB radio. I'ts connected with Ethernet from my house router because WIFI won't reach. I've been using SB radio headphone jack to connect to my amp/reciever speaker setup in my workshop but now with my Duet purchase, I plan on replacing the wired SB radio in my shop with either my new Duet, or the Touch in my house, and putting my Duet where my Touch is. Which should I do? I should also mention that I have a 32 GB SD card in my touch that I use to serve music to all my squeezebox devices. I presume I will be able to also send SD card music from touch to the Duet as well. I understand that serving to many SB devices at once can overload the small SB server from the touch but I rarely serve music from SD card to more than one SB device at a time.

    All things being equal, I'd prefer to use Duet in shop. But will the Duet remote work well without WIFI? I understand Duet controller will still work in my workshop with wired base unit but will it require line of sight to base unit without WIFI? I think I heard that Touch has better WIFI signal than Duet. Is this a proponent for putting Duet in my shop since my shop is wired Ethernet? Does this mean if I put my Duet in my house with WIFI I could have connectivity issues? Currently my Touch in my house has a %80 WIFI signal and never has connectivity issues nor does it cause stuttering when serving music from SD card.
    I understand that touch has a superior DAC used for analog output as compared to Duet. This will be a proponent for placing my Touch in workshop and swapping my Touch in my house for Duet because only my house receiver has digital input whereas my workshop receiver has analog only right?
    If my Duet is in my house, Duet controller will work better because it will be on WIFI right? How much of a difference will this make? Critical? If I had Duet in my WIFI house, I'd be able to use the Duet controller to control my Boom and radio which would also be in my houses WIFI range right? This I may find useful, especially for the boom which has a not so friendly user interface. Does this work well?

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    Yes, Touch DAC is better.
    Yes, Duet Controller can be connected to the Receiver via Bridge mode, no WiFi router needed (Controller connects via Receivers built in WiFi, Receiver connects via ethernet to your router).
    No, direct line of sight not needed for Controller.
    Yes, the Controller can control any/all SB players on the same network.

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