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    Slimserver Question

    Yes, I am still using on of the first generation slimservers. Never had a problem, so I never updated. Now I have a problem. I just installed ATT U-verse. The computer with all my music files is now connected wireless to the ATT gateway. I used to have the computer connected with an Ethernet cable to a linksys access point. Since the change I am unable to connect to my new network, and even if I could I'm not sure the slimserver will recognize the computer since it is part of the network. If I am making any sense at all and you can help me, I'd sure appreciate it.

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    Your SB player (which model?) will not connect to the new ATT router? Or the player does connect to the ATT router but cannot see your SBS computer?
    Have you tried completely setting the player up again from scratch?

    Can you at least connect the player to MySqueezebox.com and play internet streams?
    ATT may have different settings or connection restrictions on their device, I'd call them.

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    Thanks for the reply. I really don't know the model of my SB, but it's one of the first or second generation. I've had it for years/ It won't connect to the ATT gateway.

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    Look on the bottom of the SB. If it says "Squeezebox" it's an SB1. If it says Squeezebox2 it's an SB2. If it's an SB1 and you're trying to connect it wirelessly check how your new router is set up. SB1 only supports wireless "B" and WEP encryption. Your new router could be in "G only" mode, or using WPA encryption, or some other configuration that's incompatible with SB1. If that's the situation you'll need either to connect the SB1 via ethernet, or change the router settings.

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    Have a look:


    maybe it is so old that it only supports WEP encryption not the never WPA or WPA2 .

    Btw WEP is not considered secure anymore
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