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    Screen Font - can it be changed?


    Is there anyway of changing the text colour on the newer touch based players? When I'm turning the centre knob on the Radio its hard to see which line is highlighted from arms length, as it just makes the font larger and its not always the line in the centre of the screen.

    It would be more visually helpful if it was a different colour, is this possible?

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    Are you talking about the Radio or the Touch ?

    As far as I know, there isn't any official way to change the menu screen fonts or highlight on any of them.

    However, if you talk about the Radio, there are a number of patches which can be installed if you install the third party Patch Installer applet, specifically:
    - "Bigger font" by Aslak3 which changes the font size
    - "Orange/Yellow/Green/Magenta highlight" by iisfaq which changes the selection background highlight
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