>> Now, TCP could be described as "finicky over connection dropouts", at
>> least if you need to maintain some minimum data rate, as the audio
>> transfer for the squeezebox obviously does.

> Doesn't the squeezebox buffer the data before actually playing it. Even
> with PCM just 1 MB of buffer is enough to cache six seconds of music
> output. That should cover a lot of casual dropouts ...
> Alexander.

Yep, 6 seconds does fix a lot of dropouts, it is when the microwave
runs for longer than 6 seconds at 100 percent that it does not recover
because of buffering.

What I'm reading is that "well, microwave is just one of those things,
you can have streamed music or use the microwave, just not both"... Too
bad there is no way to implement some sort of handshake or keep alive
to restart the stream when things stop. Sounds like the streaming
depends on the buffering to keep the music going, and when that doesn't
work, well, it just doesn't work.

Seems that there's got to be a way to implement a handshake or keep
alive to fix this, If I was more current in programming I would attempt
it, but it's been at least 15 years since I've done any serious
programming and I would really hate to just muck it up.

Well, thanks for the info. This has been a problem plaguing me for
some time, I keep trying different things as I think of them, (mostly
in HW/wireless configuration) but so far no luck (obviously)