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    Quote Originally Posted by richman View Post
    I was thinking maybe you should change the Thread title so people don't come in this room anymore. You are the original poster of it, right?

    "Dead!!!! Old Squeezeplug Thread Do Not Enter and Post!"

    You keeping it with Title of "SqueezePlug (Official thread)" .... makes it seem, well, Official!
    Remove the (Official Thread). Make the NEW one the (Official Thread)! ok?

    New name for the 4.0 thread could be something like this: Squeezeplug (official thread) 4.04 Media Center Latest Build

    or Something else that feels more aligned with how you want to "feature" it. Just make it "official"!
    Very good hint, do you know how to do that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by truehl View Post
    Very good hint, do you know how to do that?
    I just assumed that first poster who started thread could alter the thread title, but I tried on my own thread I started a while ago, and it suggests I can do it, but it only changes the title in that post. Sorry, I had thought orginal poster could change that stuff. So I guess this thread has to die a slow death.

    Hopefully SMART people will read the last few posts before posting and think twice about posting in this "dead-as-a-doornail-thread".
    Let's see who posts after me, except for Thomas of course.
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    Thanks Ralphy for setting up a guide about a squeezeplug image for the Pogoplug, i think someone should add this to the wiki...
    Got a question though. see post below.

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    squeezeplug for pogoplug

    I followed the guide from Ralply a couple of pages back:
    to get a working squeezeplug debian image for my pogoplug B-03

    It worked! (thanks so much!)

    my question is: i got a instal screen when i logged in which was runned by the schript in /scripts called 'first_start_no.sh' When i saw the menu options i chose 'Sheevaplug'. (see attachment for screenie)

    I said something about uboot env. afterwards and i did not rebooted yet.
    Got kinda scared :/ did this adjusted my uboot?
    Can i safely reboot without bricking it? (no serial cable here...)

    Thanks for your advice!

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    It should be okay to reboot your plug pro.

    You can only update the uboot environment on the pogoplug pro using the blparam command and the setup scripts use fw_setenv which just fails with an error message on the pro.

    On the pro "Do Nothing" is the option you want to use.

    I've since removed the uboot envtools from my image using

    sudo apt-get purge uboot-envtools
    as they don't work anyway.

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    Squeezeplug / Raspberry pi TE7022 / WM8761 USB DAC

    Thanks for an exciting product - seems very easy to use and setup!

    I downloaded and installed Squeezeplug 6.02 to my Raspberry Pi. I'm having some issues getting SqueezeLite to work with my USB sound card/DAC (TE7022 / WM8761 based). I can install Squeezelite and get sound when selecting bcm2835 as output. I can get sound from my USB sound card (analog out) when testing from Audio Settings, but that's it...

    When I install SqueezeLite it detects the following sound cards:
      null                           - Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
      pulse                          - PulseAudio Sound Server
      sysdefault:CARD=USB            - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - Default Audio Device
      front:CARD=USB,DEV=0           - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - Front speakers
      surround40:CARD=USB,DEV=0      - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - 4.0 Surround output to Front and Rear speakers
      surround41:CARD=USB,DEV=0      - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - 4.1 Surround output to Front, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
      surround50:CARD=USB,DEV=0      - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - 5.0 Surround output to Front, Center and Rear speakers
      surround51:CARD=USB,DEV=0      - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - 5.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
      surround71:CARD=USB,DEV=0      - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - 7.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Side, Rear and Woofer speakers
      iec958:CARD=USB,DEV=0          - WEILIANG 24BIT USB, USB Audio - IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output
      sysdefault:CARD=ALSA           - bcm2835 ALSA, bcm2835 ALSA - Default Audio Device
    can anybody help me how I can use my WEILIANG 24BIT USB card - the analogue output...?? I guess there must be some SqueezeLite setting I am missing??


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    Squeeezelite on RPi not running at boot when using Hifime USB dac

    Hi Thomas
    Squeezeplug and Squeezelite with LMS have been working perfectly for me with the Raspbery Pi internal soundcard. Have just installed the Hifime USB DAC and in setup test sounds play fine. At boot though Squeezelite does not run. If I run it manually from Putty Squeezelite runs and the dac plays all the music from LMS. Any ideas why Squeezelite does not run at startup when default audio device is HiFime dac? Your fantastic work is much appreciated and this combination is clearly a replacement for the Touch!!!!!!

    Best regards


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    I fixed my issue, upon installation i selected bcm2835 and changed squeezelite settings to sysdefault:CARD=USB, so now I got analogue out from my USB soundcard..


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    USP sound card

    can someone help here.

    I have a similar problem to one listed a few posts up but there was no real solution posted - well not one that a noob that I can follow.

    New Pi installed the latest HardFLoat, Squeezeplug latest and the squeezelite. I have mounted my NAS folders although this didn't seem to work through the squeezeplug setup option (Samba) so had to create a new folder.

    I have bought a cheep USB sound card (Dynamode). I get the test sound generated under the audio settings option in squeezeplug setup but am not getting audio when trying to play from the LMS web interface (internet radio of NAS files).

    On a previous install I did on a different card - just onboard sound - I was successful.

    What should I check and what should I change?


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    Moved to other area by poster , apologies .
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