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    Restart your Squeezebox Server. Resolved my issue.
    Server: QNAP TS-251+ LMS 7.9.1
    Living room: SB Touch >> Audioengine 5+
    Basement: SB3 >> Alesis M1 Active MkII
    Sunroom: piCorePlayer 1.19 >> Audioengine A2+
    Bedroom: Squeezebox Boom
    Studio: Squeezebox Boom

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    no clock

    Quote Originally Posted by cphan View Post
    Restart your Squeezebox Server. Resolved my issue.
    That worked for me just now. Thanks!

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    My solution

    This was happening on one of my two squeezboxes after a recent update. I tried restarted the server, and also reset settings but it still didn't work. I switched the squeezebox to connect to mysqueezebox.com, then back to the server and the problem went away. Very strange...

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