Hi all,
First post on here..
I've just managed to install a squeezeplug on my Newint dual boot (not anymore it isnt!) sheeva plug using the excelent instructions everyone knows.
I found that everything i needed to deal with the several problems I had was in the text somewhere except for one bit of weirdness.

I use my squeezeplug to manage my muic collection on a ReadyNas Duo on my network. Couldnt access the share to start with so i mounted the share using:

mount -t smbfs -o username=<correct username>,password=<correct password> // /mnt/samba/music

i got an error stating:
mount error(11): Resource temporarily unavailable

Googling around I followed a suggestion to try with a wrong username to 'clear a cache' and then retry with the right username.

When I tried with the wrong username the share mounted fine!

I've entered a wrong username into the fstab line and now it works fine on reboot as well!!

What's going on?