I am using an older nightly build with my upgraded Squeezebox G and I'm not
having any of the problems that you are describing. My server has been
running for quite a while, wireless to my Squeezebox G and I haven't had a
single reboot or audio dropout. It might be worth noting that I have a
small Linux box running things, not a Winblowz machine.


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Subject: [slim] Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better.

Nice attitude Jack. If you represent SlimDevices, then I need to return my
products RIGHT AWAY.

Product quality should NEVER be number 4 of 5 on the list, if it is here
then I'm dealing with the wrong people. I'm not looking for smart arse
replies in an internet list, I'm looking for a product that does what it
says. Reliably.

I appreciate that Sean is working hard to fix the dots, random characters,
poor scrolling, server dropouts, audio dropouts, squeezebox resets, etc,
etc, but they shouldn't be happening in the first place. This is a FACT
Jack, just read this list, paying customers are reporting these problems

When I press play I want to hear my selection, and not just for the first
few seconds until it looses the server, or randomly resets, or displays
dots, or whatever. Graphic users are encouraged to update to address known
problems... I've done this, AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK! So spare me your
flippant "works for me" bullshit!

Sorry, I tend to be a little more nasty then necessary before the first
pot of coffee. Basically, I disagree with what I perceive as your point
that Slimserver is suffering from an unusual or even important number of
bugs. My experience as a consumer and a vendor in the high-tech world is
that quality is job four or five for most companies. Truly pursuing
quality drives companies out of business because they spend so much on QA
and tech support without ever reaching the goal of perfection. The time to
spend time and money on a quality issue is when sales are dropping or
about to drop because the competition is doing a better job.

Since I'm not actually seeing any of these bugs in my own installation,
I'm also not very sympathetic to the argument that it's thoroughly broken
and unusable.