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    HELP! Squeezebox sync mode, some players stop playing sound.

    Hi folks, I've read through the forums, and have tried calling tech support. Having problems as follows:

    Have SqueezeCenter 7.5.1 on MacOS
    - Two Squeezebox Booms
    - Two Squeezebox regulars-- hooked up to stereos.

    When I play songs and sync them up, invariably one will stop playing. The progress meter moves, and I can get it to start playing again if with a power off/on. Then sound will cut out again.

    This happens whether I use 2, 3 or all 4 Squeezeboxes in sync mode. Radio buffer/timeout is 10/5, and the sync delay is 100ms, though I've tried it at 150, 200ms as well without fix.

    I've forwarded ports 3483, 9000, 9090, 9092 using TCP/UDP, TCP, TCP per tech support. The computer the SqueezeCenter is on is 192.xxx.xxx.3, but SqueezeCenter seems to think it's xxx.4.

    The router is a Netgear RangeMax N router. No b devices are attached. All firmware has been updated.

    Any suggestions?

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    Possible (hopeful) fix.

    I've read through a bunch of the forums and came across a whole bunch of suggestions for solutions. Here's what I noticed and did:
    - Computer the server was on was 192.xxx.xxx.3
    - Server software, for some reason, was 192.xxx.xxx.4
    - One of the Booms was also 192.xxx.xxx.4
    - Killed the router, restarted computer and server soft
    - Reset the Boom that had the same IP address
    - Now everything had a unique IP address

    At this point, things might've worked just fine, but I think the whole DCHP process of assigning IP address was flawed.

    - Went into router config and set "static" IPs for every device (more like DCHP IP reservation)
    - Voila! Trouble-free streaming from all four Squeezeboxen. No hiccups, no skips, no buffering problems, no sound cutting out with the player looking like it's playing something.

    Hopefully this'll stick. Will report findings over the next couple of days. If you hear nothing back, everything is 100%.

    Thank goodness for these forums.

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    Came back for an update:
    Wired everything up, and all the Squeezeboxes worked fine. Went back to wireless, and things acted up again. Tried changing the router's channel to one that wasn't used by any of the local wireless networks, and it seemed to work, but alas: no go. Tried changing channels to random channels: no good.

    Tried updating to 7.5.2, no good. Went back to 7.5.0, and things have been streaming for the past several days without a problem!

    So something between 7.5.0 and 7.5.1 went wonky.

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