Quoting Richard Purdie <rpurdie (AT) rpsys (DOT) net>:

> kdf:
> > Something similar is already in the enhancements list:
> > http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=44
> >
> > currently, the problem is that this information isn't being collected by

> the
> > server, nor is it part of the lookup that is used for sorting. This

> sorting
> > lookup contains only genre, artist, album, songtitle, which is why you

> only see
> > those as browse options.

> Nearly ;-). The last modified date for files is in infoCache under 'AGE'.
> It's not in genre cache though and no sorting routines can easily use it.
> I'm left wondering if we couldn't make a generic Browse by XXX, Sort by XXX
> subroutine, sort of similar to the function I was discussing with you
> offlist. Filtering would be the tricky part. I'm not familiar enough with
> the code in the web side of the server to do it though. It would probably
> mean abandoning genreCache and building everything on the fly from infoCache
> as well which may or may not be a big performance hit :-/.

filtering has been done, but its painfully slow. I did manage to get the browse
by artwork done that way in its first implementation, but it would drag the
server into a coma. The only way to get it fast enough was the standalone has
as you see it now. This is also why I stopped at just ONE browse mode. At
least there is access to the feature, without draggin the server to a crawl. It
jsut isn't as easy getting cover art by artist or genre. By Song, however,
should be rather easy. I expect sorting some things will be easier than others.
The main problem is, how long does it take to whittle down to a song from
whatever data you start from. Once we have a song, any information is easily
grabbed. soritng from there is actually faster than the filter.