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    Various Artists on Squeezebox Server 7.6


    My preferred method for dealing with compilation albums featuring more than one artist has been to store the "Various Artists" in the Artist field and "[Track Name] - [Artist Names]" in the Track Title field.

    Thus on Album "Trainspotting" I have Track Title "Born Slippy - Underworld" and Artist "Various Artists". I keep Album Artist also "Various Artists" and don't mark it as a compilation album (i.e. don't use tag "Compilation=1").

    This has worked for me in previous releases of SS and continues to work for iTunes/iPod/iPhone and MediaMonkey/VLC.

    Now in SBS 7.6, regardless of what I do with the Compilations settings (see below), the system generated Various Artists obscures my "Various Artists" tracks. That is, "Various Artists" is empty. I can still see the tracks if I navigate via the Album or Song Name.

    If I mark one or more tracks as Compilations, then they appear under "Various Artists".

    The solution that I am trying (without success as yet) is to mark my "Various Artists" albums as compilations. Is this the best way? What are the potential downsides. What do others do?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I have read the submissions in Ripping / Encoding / Transcoding / Tagging, which are helpful, but not definitive. To me, my question is more about the behaviour of SBS 7.6 and how it differs from before, but I can understand how others might take a different view.

    Regards and thanks for ideas,

    CompilationsYou can choose to have compilation albums appear together under "Various Artists" or have them appear under each artist in the compilation.
    ( ) List compilation albums under each artist
    (*) Group compilation albums together

    Albums that contain songs that are tagged with a band may be listed under that band name or with the other artists for that album. The band tag is also known as TPE2 and may appear as the "album artist" in some software.
    (*) List albums by all artists for that album
    ( ) List albums by band

    The MP3 tag format does not provide a standard way of defining an Album Artist. Some MP3 tagging tools use the TPE2 field for Album Artist (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player) while others may use it for the intended meaning of "Band/orchestra". Select the meaning you would like Squeezebox Server to use. Changing this setting will start a rescan of your music library.
    (*) Treat TPE2 MP3 tag as Band
    ( ) Treat TPE2 MP3 tag as Album Artist
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    the best advice i can give you though is to always tag your files with the actual artist per track. then set AA to whatever you want. then assign comp=1 tags if you want to explicitly set comp status.

    you can also rename the VA category in the SBS settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andybjackson View Post
    What do others do?
    What I do:

    a) Tag each track with the artist for that track.
    b) Add a COMPILATION=1 tag to all compilation albums.
    c) Have no ALBUMARTIST tag for compilations.

    If you tag each track with a different artist then #2 isn't strictly necessary (except on multi-disc compilations due to a quirk in SbS), but it doesn't hurt anything.

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