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    i have the nsa210 connected via ethernet cable, directly to the SBT.
    SBT sees the NAS when connected to router. but, when i connect via ethernet cable (i want a stand alone player), SBT doesn't see the NAS. server is running, does anyone know of any obvious setting that are easily over looked?

    when trying to 'connect via ethernet cable', i get 'dhcp address can't be found', if that helps people?
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    You'll need two things.
    A crossover cable, and static IP addresses on the two devices.
    Have fun
    Chris :)

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    cheers dude, but can you elaborate on how to get static ip addresses!?

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    Interesting this one. Ebuyer currently have the NSA310 (No Drives) for ú34.98 so add a 2TB Drive and you are looking at ú100 for a 2TB Nas !!

    I'm worried though about perfomance. I have around 600GB of music (Majority FLAC) but I also need the NAS to be a DLNA server for video files.

    At the moment I have an old 500GB Linkstation as my NAS but mainly for files and DLNA Video. My SBS/LMS runs on the main Desktop PC (with WOL).

    I'm tempted just to get a 2TB NAS for 100 quid, if it runs Squeezebox/LMS too then brilliant but if it won't then I've still got a lot more space for my Files :-)
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