Me too; exactly as Michel describes. Pressing right arrow causes action as
if up or down arrow was pressed. Going back and trying again seems to work
until the next time.

In addition, I was playing an ML mix when my SB came across a file it
couldn't open (not sure why, I need to check that out tomorrow). SB
displayed an error message to say that it couldn't open the file and went on
to play the next file. Brilliant so far. Almost straight away I got the
message "lost contact with server...." etc. but the music continued and it
would appear that contact hadn't been lost. I pressed the left arrow key and
got back to "now playing...". I think that someone else reported this (or
something similar) a few days ago but I cant remember when or whether there
was a solution.

Best regards

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BTW I also noticed some weird behaviour of the remote control. I noticed
that occasionnaly pressing some of the arrows (right arrow for example) when
browsing by genre did not cause the expected effect (as if the up, down or
left arrow was pressed). This is the very first time that I see this