Further to this ...

>I prepared two versions of 'my favourite track' from 'my favourite CD' :-O
>[i.e. Spoken Channel Identification from the HiFi News & Record Review Test
>one an AIFF the other a MP3.
>I made a playlist containing the two versions and put it on repeat ...
>.. and listened to 25 repeats of the cycle AIFF + MP3, not once but twice!
>[After two times 30 mins of that if I wasn't crazy before I could be now!
>BTW before each test I restarted both SlimServer & the Squeezebox.
>For the MP3 version the L & R channels were always correct.
>With the AIFF version the channels randomly swapped :-(

One data point that I forgot to highlight is that
IF I make a playlist with just the AIFF version and put that on repeat
AFTER getting the L&R channels the right way round
(by persevering with soft resets until they are correct)
THEN the channels do not seem to swap
[or at least they haven't swapped after a couple of hours of continuous
repeating ...]