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    thanks I will try DVD audio extractor , what about tag is there at smart way ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekelund View Post
    thanks I will try DVD audio extractor , what about tag is there at smart way ?
    Smart way? Not really but there a few things one can do and try.

    1) Use the tagging features it DVD Audio Extractor to a least name the artist, album and year.

    2) Try loading the files in mp3tag and see if you can grab the tags from one of the tag sources.

    3) If that doesn't work try to find a list of the songs from one of the various online DVD/CD stores, such as Amazon, and then rename the files. Once the files are renamed use mp3tag to fill in the missing tags.

    If someone knows of a smarter way to tag files ripped from a DVD by all means, please chime in.
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    That's about what I do. I put basic tags in using DVD Audio Extractor and then tidy them up afterwards in MP3tag.

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    Just for the record, I use AnyDVD with DVDAudioExtractor and have never had a problem, many DVDs ripped to flac, including Neil Young. I'd have thought that the DVDs with the target audio tracks would be copy protected, and I would be surprised if DVDAE can circumvent this. That's what AnyDVD does.

    I should add that DVDAE provides for creation of some tags. It's been sufficient for me, although post-rip I sometimes tweak the tags with MP3Tag.

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    Same here. DVD AE with AnyDVD.

    But DVD AE can't extract dts-HD MA (lossless) audio. Rather it falls back to the lossy dts core. For dts-HD MA I have to use a very complicated process of using MakeMKV and some PowerShell scripts to rip it apart into tracks etc. (Way to difficult and problematic to discuss here.)

    But for everything else DVD AE works very well.


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