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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripley View Post
    Have anybody installed Squeezecenter 7.7.1 on fun_plug 0.7 already?
    I've installed all the packages for 0.7 arm, done what written in the first posts. Slimserver starts and running but I can't reach via browser. What would be the problem?
    It works finally!

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    Starts then stops

    I have installed 7.7.1 on my DNS 320. I can manually start it when connected via putty, but then it stops and I've no idea why.

    Using fun_plug 0.7 I added 7.7.1, then navigated to /ffp/start and ran sh slimserver.sh start I can then run sh slimserver.sh status to see the server running with some pid
    If I'm quick and I re-run sh slimserver.sh start I get a message saying it's already running but then, within a few seconds the 'status' switch shows the server is not running.

    There don't appear to be any log files created.

    I modified the slimserver.sh and added --d_server to the args but again couldn't see any errors or logs.

    Can someone help me get the server running
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    DNS-325 with fun-plug 0.7

    I'm about to start the process of loading media server on my DNS-325 but I'm unsure which perl and other required modules to install.
    Step 1 indicates to download and install the perl and other required modules from /dns323/fun-plug/0.5/extra-packages/

    Given that I have fun-plug 0.7 installed on my DNS-325, should I download/install modules from /dns323/fun-plug/0.7/arm/packages/ ?
    If so, which ones do I need ?

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