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    Quote Originally Posted by Percival Sweetwater View Post
    Just heard the news. I am listening to this:

    Attachment 24399

    Farewell Dolores, such a unique and beautiful voice. RIP...
    I chose this one instead. Same reason.

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    Recorded 1957 - and a great job they did. Overall recording, music and musicianship brilliant.
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    Natalie Merchant - Live In Concert
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    It has become quiet here.
    Natalie Merchant "Live in Concert"

    4. Space Oddty
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    Chris Daniels & The Kings - That's What I Like About The South

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    Nice Version of Roll over Beethoven

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    Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers - Guitar Trouble

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    I read a recent article about a Vincent Black Lightning motorcycle going for a record price at an auction:


    This reminded me of one of my favorite Richard Thompson songs, from his Rumour and Sigh album, a ballad centering on the very same motorcycle (one year different in theoretical age). Had to listen.

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    She plays real organ.
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